We camped on the edge of Lake Buchanan which was sadly at 40% volume. The low water meant that the kids could see some of the original homesteads on the Colorado River, in addition to all of the strange things people have sunk to the bottom of the lake of the last few decades. In the afternoon, we got a reptile lesson and I taught the kids to bake in a NOLS camping pan. On Saturday night, we went to the observatory and got to use the huge telescopes. Sunday morning, we went on a boat tour to look for the eagles. The drought and cold front kept the eagles from our sight, but we did see lots of other amazing birds. But the kids had the best time on the boat when it started to sleet. They could not have been happier if an eagle had landed on one of their heads. When we returned to the campsite, it was snowing big huge snowflakes. This may have been the coldest weather anyone in our group has camped in, but it was also one of the most exciting trips for the kids.

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Camping at Garner State Park 2011