Our Virtual Nature Community will focus on supporting parents, families and learning pods by augmenting your children’s education while enriching their time outside. 

A monthly subscription to our Virtual Nature Community provides:

  • Monthly parent workshops that include time to: learn about the science subject of the month; answer questions you have about supporting your children’s education; share ideas within the community and connect with other parents. 
  • Monthly activity guides broken down by week with materials lists and easy to follow directions to help anyone lead their family or community in learning outdoors and connecting to nature. 
  • The ability for your children to earn one Ecologist School badge per month and work towards becoming Certified Junior Ecologists.

The founder and director of Families in Nature will lead the Virtual Nature Community. Heather Kuhlken has a Masters degree in Teaching and is a working mom that has successfully homeschooled three children off and on for their entire educational careers. She personally knows how difficult it can be to balance everything, and wants to support you, your family and your community, whether you are choosing to learn online, at home, or in school when that option becomes available. 

This program is based on the Ecologist School Program, as are all of Families in Nature’s programs. The Ecologist School is an original program created to teach science outside to all ages, all together. It features over 1500 lessons across 16 branches of science including topics like: ornithology, paleontology, and climatology. These lessons are broken into categories including science, technology, engineering, art, math, outdoor skills, volunteerism, and leadership development. Each month of this program will focus on one branch of science, and each parent workshop will have a theme to support you and your family during the most uncertain school year we have experienced in a very long time. 

Join our Virtual Nature Community to help your family fall in love with nature and spend time outdoors during this school year.

And because we believe that nature is for everyone, there are scholarship opportunities available for all of our programs.

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