We understand that the workday does not always line up with the school day. So as a solution to support our families, we are offering opportunities for extended learning through our Virtual Ecologist School Program. FIN’s Nature Instructors will lead hands-on activities to be done in your own backyard every Tuesday and Thursday from 4-6 pm (Central Time). Each month will focus on activities to earn a badge from one of the 16 branches of science featured in the Ecologist School. Classes will be taught through zoom but will incorporate significant time outdoors as part of each activity. 

Students can attend one or both days a week and can earn up to two badges per month. Students can also work towards becoming Certified Junior Ecologists by earning at least 10 badges and then completing a Humboldt Project, which is an ecologically focused project of their choosing, created under the mentorship of FIN staff. We have an impressive set of youth conservation leaders that have achieved this certification so far and we invite your kids to join them.

You can register for either the Tuesday or Thursday class, or both by clicking on the “join” button on our home page.

Register for Tuesday’s class here.
Register for Thursday’s class here. 

And because we believe that nature is for everyone, there are scholarship opportunities available for all of our programs.