We invite you to join us and enhance your family’s connection to nature and to each other or to move your classroom outside! We have several programming options available to help meet your needs during these uncertain times.

These include:

  1. Virtual Nature Community – This monthly subscription will provide parental support, a monthly parent workshop led by teacher/homeschool parent/FIN founder, Heather Kuhlken. You will also receive detailed activities for children or families to do together each week with easy to follow directions, and a network of parents to share your experiences with. 
  2. Virtual Ecologist School – We are hosting virtual after school classes led by FIN staff with options to join the Tuesday, Thursday or both classes to earn one science badge per month per class (up to 2 badges per month if your student enrolls in both days). Over the year, kids can earn badges in each branch of science and become certified Junior Ecologists after completing a Humboldt Project, which is an ecologically focused project of their choosing, created under the mentorship of FIN staff. We have an impressive set of youth conservation leaders that have achieved this certification so far and we invite your kids to join them. 
  3. Teacher Training – Our Teacher Training aims to help teachers feel comfortable, capable and confident teaching outdoors, where viruses are far less likely to spread. This online course will give you information on how to set up and manage a class outdoors as well as access to the Ecologist School Guidebook filled with lessons to teach most subjects and ages. It will also give you access to the FIN Gear Library which contains camping and teaching equipment. 6 hours of Continuing Education credit are available for Texas teachers who participate in this course, but teachers everywhere are welcome to join us.
  4. Free resources – We have 96 Ecologist School lessons in both English and Spanish available on our website. If you are interested in using these lessons in your classroom, learning pod or community, please email jordan@familiesinnature.org to get either the full color set of lessons or the pdf text version that is easier to print or distribute to student families. You can now access them in both formats in both languages on our website at the link above.

And because we believe that nature is for everyone, there are scholarship opportunities available for all of our programs.