If you look at the wrist of an 8-14 year old, chances are you will see a bracelet made of knotted or braided paracord. Given how popular these are, the kids in AFiN decided that they would like to learn how to make them and also how you could use them to survive in an emergency. One of the dads in AFiN offered to lead this activity and teach the kids to knot the paracord.

Then he taught them a few ways to use the paracord to survive in the wild. All of the kids made bracelets, even the 3 year olds, with help from their parents. Some of the older kids got an extra lesson on making monkey fist knots that were used as part of the clasp for the bracelets.

Some of the kids got pretty creative in figuring out how to hold the rope while knotting the cord. For this activity, we met at a local park and enjoyed the spring weather sitting under a huge oak tree learning a new set of outdoor skills.

Before and after the lesson, the kids had a great time running around, throwing rocks into the creek, looking for fossils and climbing trees.

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