Zack and his sister exploring together
Zack and his sister exploring together

AFiN families ventured into Barton Creek with the City of Austin Watershed Department’s Todd Jackson (an amazing teacher whose enthusiasm for insects is contagious).  Kids ranging from 4 to 16 explored alongside their parents in search of aquatic macro invertebrates.  The species that were found were then counted and used to measure the health of the creek’s ecosystem.

One of the AFiN kids started his own blog about his adventures in nature. It is amazing to see kids expressing what they learn in their own words.

Here is what he had to say about our Aquatic Insect hike:


Nature, Nurtured. – portrait of the naturalist as a young man


families working together to find insects in the creek


Hiking into the creeklearning how species found in the creek can be a measure of water quality




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