1. You must stay with your child at all times. Your child is your responsibility. At least one parent per family must be present at every activity or campout.
  2. Enjoy this time with your family watching them learn and explore.
  3. Practice Leave No Trace Ethics
  4. Model interested and engaged behavior. Your children will follow your lead. If you are engaged, your whole family is more likely to have fun playing and learning together.
  5. Please refrain from using any electronics other than cameras during activities and campouts. (Cell phones may be carried for safety as long as you realize that not all State and National Parks have cell coverage, so a cell phone is not a fool-proof method of calling for help.)
  6. Stay with the group. If you choose to leave the group, you may only take your own children with you, and you need to tell the group leader so that they don’t look for you or worry that you are lost.
  7. It is always safest to hike with at least 2 adults when children are hiking with you.