When I tell you I love my dad, I mean it with my entire being. When I think of a human so imperfectly perfect, he always comes to mind. It’s amazing how the things he would say to me still resonant in my daily life. His death is what really showed me the level on which my dad loved me. It was during a debate with my four other siblings as we organized his going away services that I realized my dad was really my hero. Somehow we all were able to argue until our mouths were dry, and jaws hurt that we were his favorite kid. How can one man manage to make every one of his kids feel so special?

My dad taught me how to fish during my early years, he put a rod in my hand as soon as I could balance in a pair of shoes.  For that to be my entry into fishing and to see how my life has transcended as a result is my ultimate motivation. I want my story to be every kid’s.

Fishing is more than fishing. It’s strategy, its research, its determination, its meditation, its bonding time, its food, I could go on forever. The conversations and bonds formed while fishing are life changing. Even during times of complete silence, waiting for my wooden cork to sink below the surface, I think about how I could be a better son, person, and fisherman.

I have changed careers several times on my journey. One of my proudest accomplishments was becoming a New Mexico State Police Officer. The opportunity brought me many life experiences, many life lessons, and tons of real-life knowledge. I used that position to help be the change I wanted to see in the world, by serving the community I care about. I’ve been honored to speak on national television, travel and speak on panels with decorated civil rights leaders, been a guest on different podcasts, and train ranking police officers on how to be better in communities of color from a curriculum that I created. Now I want to share not only my life experiences but also my skills.

I happen to be talented at catching fish, thanks to my dad. I have always had the dream of being a teacher or trainer in some capacity. Now I have combined my two passions of training, and fishing.

My goal is to equip parents with the tools needed to be able to teach their kids or friends to catch fish. Nature is all around us during these unprecedented times, and now more than ever we have the time to appreciate it! This is the time to make lemons out of lemonade and make the memories with your child that they too will remember forever.

























P.S: I was my dad’s favorite!

Anwar Z Sanders

If you are in Central Texas, come fishing with me!

We can fish in a small group of 2,
or borrow the Families in Nature fleet of canoes and fish as a larger group.

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