JET homeschool class on WaterAfter numerous field trips and adventures, our water ecology unit has ended. IMG_7719We wrapped up the unit with a relaxing review day on the banks of the Colorado River. Our Junior Ecologists had a blast! Students discussed and created their own demonstrations for water ecology related terms: watershed, point/non-point source pollution, permeable/ impermeable, etc. Everyone even participated in an interpretive dance activity to show how the water cycle works! Their favorite activity may have been the edible aquifer lesson. While piecing together a tasty ice-cream treat, students had to talk about how each ingredient represented something in the aquifer.IMG_7964-2

The highlight of the class, for me as a teacher, was watching each student share a page from their field journals. While we always encourage our students to use their field journals in class and at home, I never showed them examples. I was blown away by how creative and diverse their pages were. One child drew terrific designs illustrating what we were learning, another diagrams of animals, and another used mostly words. Each student did a great job expressing what they had learned this month. IMG_7967Afterwards, I shared my own nature journals which gave the kids several examples of other ways they can use field journals in the future.

For the final part of our day, each student received an individualized bag with learning resources for continuing home learning. Bags included a piece of limestone for their own collection, activity books, and placemats provided by Edwards Aquifer Authority and Keep Austin Beautiful.

Aquarena Springs Glass-bottom Boat

OIMG_7693ur first group for JET- Homeschool was an amazing experience for me as the teacher because I got to work beside such wonderful, curious kids and parents.


I look forward to studying plants with the JET homeschool group in October!


-Rebecca Cowser

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