Ecologist School – Houston is a fun and engaging learning environment for children and families.  Students learn about Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math, Outdoor Skills, Volunteerism and Leadership through engaging lessons using an informal Science education program called Ecologist School. Upon completion of lessons and experiences, students may earn badges in 16 areas!

The Ecologist School – Houston offers programs for all ages.


  • K-5th part time and full-time outdoor learning community.
  • After-school program on Monday and/or Thursday afternoons where students enjoy nature and earn badges.
  • Workshops for Scouts or other groups
  • Birthday Parties
  • Special Events
  • Service projects 

A typical week of an Ecologist School Day Program student will include a variety of activities. The week may start with a trip to
the library, followed by a field trip to a local park to read their chosen books.  Items collected on a nature walk may be cataloged using an online nature program. Volunteering may take place at a facility such as the Environmental Institute of Houston, and the week may end with a field trip to the Wolf Sanctuary. An emphasis is placed on spending time outdoors, unstructured play, and child led learning.

Jennifer Fetter-Matthys is the driving force behind The Ecologist School – Houston.  A life-long nature lover, Jennifer’s hobbies and interests include birding, hiking, and nature photography.  With her bachelor’s degree in psychology, multiple years teaching K-3, and experiences working with exceptionalities, Jennifer is very passionate about getting children and families out in nature and connecting them to something they love outside.

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