The area around Dinosaur Valley State Park is one of the more surprisingly beautiful places in Texas. There are dinosaur fossils to see, footprints to find, and a river to play in.

We started our weekend of camping with a lesson on the footprints that can be found in several areas of the park. Then the TPWD rangers gave us a lesson on fossils. A few of the kids even got to lick some coprolites. Eew! During all of their free time, the kids explored and played in the river.

After a full day of learning and playing, everyone worked together to cook dinner and wash dishes. Hot dogs, veggie chili, and baked sweet potatoes with homemade cinnamon butter. Followed by roasted marshmallows. Delicious!

On Sunday, the whole group went over to Fossil Rim for a wonderful class on Cheetahs followed by a safari tour through the park. More on that half of the trip later…….

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