We have all been on a road trip but never quite like this.

Every one knows Corpus should not be dissed.

We all relaxed after the driving had been driven,

but then a shout rang out “the fun has just begun!!”

We all bustled into the building and the hostess said with a shout “sit down, sit down you’re having a rout!”

But nothing could deter us from those things in our mind the fish, the otters, the sharks oh, my!

By the time they settled us down the images had set in our mind.

The food court just flew by and soon it was time

for the unveiling of the big surprise.

TA-DA!! a new exhibit!!

Thats how the shrimp met their untimely demise.

Now I’m sitting by the fish tank watching a tarpon float by

me, my poem, and I.

-Janssen Transier (age 10)

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